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Vi-Notes: Task Notes 2.0 Post-it® Super Sticky Quality

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The Task Notes are available again. Thanks to valuable customer feedback, we updated the sections.

Simplify your task management and optimize your workflow. Thanks to the minimalistic design, the Task Notes provide a uniform structure and ensure that all relevant information is visible at a glance. The structured visualization of the tasks increases transparency and motivation within the teams.

  • Four sections for capturing the relevant information: owner, due date/dotting (time needed to complete the task), estimation of size, and initiative the task contributes to
  • 3M Post-it® Super Sticky Quality
  • Size: 10,2cm x 7,2 cm
  • color: white
  • 400 pages per package
  • 50 pages per pad
  • 8 pads per package
  • Recommendation: use Stabilo Pen 68 or Sharpies for writing on Task Notes.
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