be visual, be agile,
be successful

Boost your teamwork with visual tools & methods.

be visual, be agile,
be successful

Boost your teamwork with visual tools & methods.

Build Great Things Faster

Our Vi-Tools offer a simple and powerful possibility to visualize complex tasks in a structured way. Cross-functional teams with different competence profiles quickly create a shared understanding and, therefore, the best possible solutions.


Vi-Boards are whiteboard posters of a new generation.

Printed with templates from the agile and classic project management, the lean startup environment, and proven business methods.

Thanks to the double-sided coating and the ability to roll up and transport them, Vi-Boards are an easy and flexible alternative to classic whiteboards to work everywhere. With a size of 85 x 118 cm, Vi-Boards weigh only approximately two hundred ten grams and can be used on both sides.



For each question, a suitable method template and on the back a whiteboard with free space for further thoughts.


Handwritten notes and sticky notes (tip: 3M Super Sticky Notes) remain in place when rolled up, ideal for iterative work.


Notes with whiteboard markers can be wiped off with a damp cloth, so the boards can also be reused. Ideas can live and change.



Unpack and get started within 2 minutes. Thanks to great starter kits, including a fastening system.

A picture says more than 1,000 words.

Visual communication increases common understanding many times over. With our Vi-Tools, we enable teams to develop a shared image and, thus, a common understanding faster.

With common understanding faster to more success!

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