Kanban Board Template 3 Columns - Whiteboard Poster

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Visualize and optimize your workflow.

Kanban is an adaptable framework to enable agile ways of working. It fosters real-time communication of capacity and visualizes full transparency of the teams workload. Work items are represented visually on a Kanban Board, allowing team members to see and manage the state of every piece of work at any time.

  • Vi-Board Kanban Board Template 3 Columns/Whiteboard: rollable, double-sided, reusable mobile whiteboard poster; one side with Kanban Board Template 3 Columns template, one side blank; 85x118 cm (approximately 34x47 inches); starter kit included.
  • Vi-Boards are mobile whiteboard posters enabling agile ways of working. You can roll them up for easy transport, re-use them, and if you write on them with whiteboard markers, you can wipe them clean.
  • Hand-written notes and 3M Post-its® (3M Super Stickies recommended) stay in place when you roll up the board. Vi-Boards are the perfect tool for enabling an incremental and iterative work style.
  • With a size of 85 x 118cm (about 34x47 inches) and a unique whiteboard coating on both sides, Vi-Boards weigh only 210 grams (less than 8 ounces).

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