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Business Model You Canvas - Blackboard Poster

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Visualize and understand your personal business model for boosting your career.

The Business Model You is based on the same principles as the original Business Model Canvas. The canvas makes it easy to identify and understand your talents and strengths.

  • Vi-Board Business Model You Canvas/Blackboard: rollable, double-sided, reusable mobile blackboard poster (with whiteboard coating); one side with Business Model You Canvas template, one side blank; 85x118 cm (approximately 34x47 inches); starter kit included.
  • Vi-Boards are mobile blackboard posters enabling agile ways of working. You can roll them up for easy transport, re-use them, and if you write on them with chalk markers, you can wipe them clean.
  • Hand-written notes and 3M Post-its® (3M Super Stickies recommended) stay in place when you roll up the board. Vi-Boards are the perfect tool for enabling an incremental and iterative work style.
  • With a size of 85 x 118cm (about 34x47 inches) and a unique blackboard with whiteboard coating on both sides, Vi-Boards weigh only 210 grams (less than 8 ounces).
  • Vi-Boards are supplied complete with Start-Kit (4 sticky pads for attachment, 1 whiteboard or chalk marker, 1 Stabilo Pen 68, 1 Block Post-it® Super Sticky, wet wipes and sponge). Just unpack and start right away.

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