The leangile transformation

Lean and Agile methods are quite easy to understand and difficult to master. But, as soon as the transformation gets traction, completely new opportunities for teams and organizations open up. 

A leangile transformation happens on different levels, beginning from an operational, tactical, and strategic level as well as on individual, team, department, and enterprise levels. We will provide additional insights in separate posts.

See a transformation as a journey where everything needs to come together to unleash your full potential. To master your transition, you should be aware that four steps are essential.

  1. understand lean and agile values and principles
  2. understand and use lean and agile methods/frameworks/tools
  3. adapt them to your specific needs and circumstances
  4. use failures as learning opportunities

Apply the Lean Startup approach: Build, measure, learn. As mentioned above. You will fail, properly quite often. That is okay and part of the transformation. You conquer uncharted territory. Change or adaption (as I prefer it) is challenging. It costs time, resources and creates some pain. If you recognize this, then you know your team/organization is evolving.

I encourage you to always remember and communicate in challenging situations, all these steps and experiences lead to building YOUR leangile framework.

One word or more on leadership (We will post more on leadership, servant leadership, lead by intent, etc). It is crucial that the senior leadership leads by example. Or like Ghandi phrased it “Be the change that you want to see in the world.” Well you might switch world with company, at least for the start.

Disclaimer: We get inspired by great folks around the world. We build on their knowledge and insights and adapt it to our needs. Therefore we acknowledge them.